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Mukasash Cooks Caramel Pudding

A few colorful pics of Caramel Pudding on Chennai Food Guide group were too tempting to ignore, decided to give it a shot! 
🙂 Why not ?!?!  The lock down period has turned out to be a good window to experiment a few dishes in the kitchen.  
I’m glad it came out as good as I expected it to.  Followed Caramel Pudding recipe by Cooking with Rila step by step, including all measurements, as it is.  

Here’s how I did it ! 
The only difference between the recipe and what I did –  I powdered the sugar.  Felt that would mix better with less whisking, rest was absolutely how the recipe mentioned it. You may want to keep a close watch when sugar caramelizes, quickly it turned brown in an instant and i had to take it off the stove right away.  Couldn’t click pics at that instant.
I’d say it was a very nice attempt and outcome.  Extremely easy recipe, minimum ingredients, and it was tasty too.  I should admit the smell of egg was slightly overpowering.  A couple of drops of vanilla essence would have done the trick.  Didn’t have any, so didn’t use it.   Next time if I try this, I’ll definitely use.  The slightly bitter aftertaste in the caramelized sugar syrup is how i remember it to be.  Loved that.
Overall, loved this attempt.

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If you liked what you just read, feel free to try!  Watch this space for my next cooking experiment, soon!

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