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Mukasash cooks Tomato Soup

Quite bored on a Saturday evening, decided to make a restaurant-style Tomato Soup for family,  kids love it.  Its almost a standard order in a restaurant when we decide to eat soup.  With no option of getting out of home, lately keeping myself occupied with a lot of experiments in the kitchen.
Quickly browsed the recipe godown – Youtube!  Spotted a Tomato Soup by Sanjeev Kapoor video, and decided to follow that step by step.  
This definitely wasn’t the best of outcomes I’ve had, I’ll tell you why!  This is how I started.

Now this is the step I would have avoided – adding cream!  Either something was wrong in the way I added it, or it should have been done differently.  Everything was okay with the Amul Cream I added, the expiry date, etc.  I also switched off the stove and waited for a while.  Perhaps I should have let it cool enough before adding it, it didn’t quite blend in seamlessly as I expected.  In fact, there were small white dots all over on the top.

Finally, the taste was good and all that, but I wasn’t very pleased with the appearance of the minute white dots on the soup.  At least, I tried!  That was the only consolation.  It did taste good, not doubt about that, but the attempt was not flawless. 
There’s always another time.  Hopefully will get better with each try.

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If you like what you just read, feel free to share! 🙂 See you again, in one of my next cooking experiments!



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