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A2B, Krishnagiri

On the way to Bangalore from Chennai and A2B in Krishnagiri is an obvious choice for breakfast for many.
I have been here a couple of times and this time, I was relatively relaxed to click some pictures of food. We entered around 09:20AM and there were a lot of people here. We were lucky to get a table right away, we settled down.
Poori Masala is an obvious choice whenever we visit a restaurant for breakfast because kids love it. Well, I love it too. 🙂 It’s not made too frequently at home citing health reasons, so we were eager to have it, unfortunately it was not available 🙁 Damn ! why would A2B not have Poori Masala!!! Okay, we gave them the benefit of doubt assuming 09:20AM was slightly late for breakfast. Next choice was Pongal Vada and we were lucky that this was available. It is called Ghee Pongal here and true to its name, there was so much ghee that even after eating few mouths with the spoon, it had no trace of Pongal ! Ordered medhu Vadas, and they were crispy and the chutneys were very good, especially the coconut chutney. Normally if you are slightly late for breakfast, the chutneys are to be tasted with caution as they are made quite early in the morning and are on the verge of expiry. Here it was not so, it was so good that we asked for more. Sambhar was also equally good. We ordered a plate of Idly, Dosa and Masala Dosa. Idly was good, but the dosas were a BIG disappointment. It came pretty fast, but they were not even close to warm. I can understand a dosa made will cool down a bit, but not this quickly. It was pretty evident that it was made much before we ordered, possibly that’s how it works – continuously make dosas and serve as and when customers ask. I was probably unlucky that I got a not-so-freshly-made one, probably some supply vs demand screw up. I asked the waiter if they make dosas in advance, to which he politely said no. Nothing much to argue, so left it there. I was so hungry that even cold dosas tasted good with the chutney and sambhar. Finished it off with filter coffee. That was wonderful !
So overall, in the absence of other good restaurants on the way from Chennai to Bangalore, this is a good option. Probably you might have a better experience if you go early, but I would rate my experience as satisfactory, nothing more. The restrooms are well-maintained and clean and that is good considering you have a journey ahead and an even better reason to visit this place !

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