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Rajdhani Snacklet, Forum Mall, Koramangala, Bangalore

We were two families planning to watch Amazing Spiderman – 2 at PVR IMAX screen at Forum Mall in Koramangala, Bangalore. The show was at 4:00PM and we entered the mall at around 2:50PM. We wanted to have a quick lunch and proceeded to Transit, the food court in that mall. Of course, so many options, and so many varieties. We spotted Rajdhani and proceeded near the counter. We should say, the display of food was really tempting. So we decided to order 7 Thali meals, looking at the one displayed. Cute mud pots with rice, sabji and small rotis and sweet. This is not the ‘usual’ Thali that is available in restaurants in Chennai, but the miniature version of it. Ordered Gulab jamuns and paneer dhokla in addition to it.
When the food arrived, the presentation was a disappointment ! We got it in plastic plates and not like what we saw them displayed. Nevertheless, not too much time in hand, we took our plates while a couple of us managed to get the table. We settled down to eat and the food was good. The only disappointing thing apart from the plastic plate was the dhokla. Dry as hell 🙂 and just not possible to chew and swallow. This was a part of the thali, while the paneer dhokla that we ordered separately was very soft. I wouldn’t say out of the world, but overall, it was good. That’s pretty much how I would put it. Not sure if the restaurants in Chennai also serve a La Carte apart from the Thali.
It cost us about 1.1K for 7 Thalis and gulab jamuns and paneer dhokla. After a good lunch, proceeded to watch the movie which was even better ! 🙂

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