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Mukasash cooks Chettinadu Chicken Gravy

Eating out is something I do frequently, but cooking ?!?!? 🙂
It has been ages since I tried my hand at cooking.  During those days in Norway, between 2008 and 2011, I used to try some chicken dishes now and then.  In the last ten years, don’t remember cooking anything with so much enthusiasm as I did today.
Basically wanted to try a chicken dish for Sunday lunch.  One of the few links that opened up was a youtube video – Chettinad Chicken by Varun Imandar.  This whole experiment is based on this video and not a slightest customization has been tried.  Thanks to Get Curried for a wonderful recipe.

I want to document this amateurish cooking slightly differently 🙂  
Think of the movie Pesum Padam without dialogues, similarly, this will be a sequence of pictures with as little writing as possible.  Hopefully the pictures tell you a story, if not, I’ll try to answer any questions you may have in the comments section.  

Marinating the Chicken.

Getting the pre-requisites ready

Getting the Spices ready
Making the Chettinadu Spice-Mix paste

Finally, the Chicken Gravy preparation

The end product and presentation 🙂

That was how it ended!  Call it beginner’s luck or whatever, it was simply lip-smacking ! Family loved it and we licked the plates clean in no time:)
If you liked it, please share.  If you’d like to say something nice, please comment on the blog.
This is just an ad-hoc one-time attempt and I don’t intend to start off a category ‘Mukasash Cooks’ 🙂

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