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Chole Bhature, a match made in heaven!

Chole Bhature is always one of our favorite dishes when eating out.  Recently saw pics of this dish on my friend’s timeline ordered from one of my favorite places, Bhangra!  That got me tempted, decided to give it a try making it myself.
As usual, after a quick look at recipes on Youtube, zeroed in on Chole Bhature by Hebbar’s Kitchen.  It was an experiment with shared responsibility – I made Chole and wifey made Bhature.   So this post will only explain the Chole part and the final pics 🙂

Just followed the steps without any changes, with double the quantity of what is mentioned in the video.  Here are the sequence of pics of my attempt.  It is worth noting the ‘Jugaad’ I made to make up for the absence of tea bags 😉

Quickly cut some onions and sprinkled some chat masala to make an awesome accompaniment to Chole.

Finally, Bhaturas were ready and soon it was time for plating!  

An absolutely wonderful dinner it was!  If it wasn’t up to my satisfaction, I was having a plan B to order from our favorite Punjabi Restaurant Bhangra. Now, that can wait for some more time!

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I’ll see you again with another experiment from my kitchen.  Until then, taata!  Stay home and be safe! 🙂

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