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Skillet, Hablis

Having visited The Moon and Sixpence earlier, I had a good idea of the ambience of this restaurant and the hotel in general. Skillet is a 24-hour restaurant in Hablis, Guindy that serves Tex-Mex cuisine.

In addition to this, they have a multi-cuisine buffet spread for breakfast, lunch and dinner. So I am not very sure about their ‘speciality’ part. We’ll leave it for now as I haven’t tasted it yet and can’t quite comment on that. I was here to get a taste of their kebabs. A Kebab Fest was on, and having been given a Thumbs-Up by friends in CFG, I wanted to give it a shot! The agenda for the evening was clear. I was taking a friend out for dinner and we wanted to catch up with the IPL action over some beers after that.
The restaurant in general, the ambience, seating, lighting, everything was good. This is not a complaint, but I wasn’t too happy with the atmosphere in particular. There was a group booking for at least about 35-40 pax from some IT company and they were very very loud. The place was crowded, chaotic and noisy. Of course, I have been there and done that too during my early days in the IT Industry 🙂 so I can understand the excitement of a company-sponsored meal after a project kick-off, go-live and so on 😉 Since we did not have anything to do with the buffet counters, we were seated in a farthest corner possible, closer to the entrance and far away from food.
Now coming to the food. My friend is a vegetarian and I am a chickenarian 🙂 So from the list, I chose three varieties of chicken while my friend had to go with the three vegetarian options available. The wine came first, and I was told it was an in-house wine about six years old. It was okay, though nothing great, and it is justified for the total price we paid. Then came our plates, neatly presented. There were a couple of pieces of the three different kebabs, mint chutney to go with it, some green salad, two small kulchas, and a small bowl of dal. After a quick photo session, started to taste it. First mouth and I could make out that this was clearly not ‘just another’ kebab. Soft and succulent, the chicken tasted heavenly. All the three kebabs were wonderful. My friend was of a very similar opinion about the vegetarian kebabs and I tasted a bit of paneer, mushroom and aloo. As he said, It was truly wonderful. Have to mention, the two small kulchas were not hot, not even warm. When we pointed this out, immediately we were served hot rotis with an apology. Full marks to the service too. So overall, their kebabs were brilliant !
The price per person was Rs 400 all inclusive and was truly VFM !
We then proceeded to The Moon and Sixpence, an Irish pub in the same hotel, in a hope to get a seat to catch up with IPL action.

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