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Myself and two other friends were coming back from Ambattur and we decided to have dinner on the way to Velachery. Since we were quite hungry and it was almost dinner time, we decided to step into the next outlet we spotted! By the time we all agreed to this, we were crossing Koyambedu and immediately spotted this brightly lit nameboard – Sampoorna’s ! Friends wanted vegetarian and I also decided to go with the flow.

It was probably a food court earlier from what my friend remembers, I don’t even remember coming to this part of the city ๐Ÿ˜‰ First look, the place was decent. Looked pretty much like Sangeetha, with the waiters in black and white. Immediately decided I was going to have the Ghee Masala Dosa. One of my friends wanted a Podi Dosa and another was very particular about Noodles and Gobi Manchurian ๐Ÿ™‚ Went ahead and ordered this. The food was served in reasonable time.
The Podi dosa was pale in color, don’t know why! I tasted a bit of it, it was good. My Ghee Masala Dosa was wonderful! Right amount of ghee and crispiness, and loved the chutneys and sambhar. Friend got his noodles and gobi manchurian and he was pretty satisfied too. I tasted a bit of that and it was good. Typical noodles in a South-Indian restaurant, no complaints. Next I ordered for an Onion Rava Dosa and my friend wanted a plate of Idli. The other friend was still busy with his noodles ๐Ÿ˜‰ quite decent portions, so he didn’t want anything more. I would have liked the Onion Rava Dosa a little crispier with a little more pepper and green chilli bits. Idli was decent. The chutneys, I should mention, were tasty and so was the sambhar. Finished with a Filter Coffee and loved that too.
The dinner set us back by 637 bucks and was worth it. A decent option for South Indian Vegetarian food next the CMBT in Koyambedu. The menu did boast of North-Indian too, I did not try though.

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