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BR Mathsya

Myself and a friend stepped into this place for a light dinner. BR Mathsya is located on Thanigachalam Road, a couple of blocks away from Raj Palace, in T Nagar. To me more specific, this is the road that connects Hindi Prachar Sabha and Pondy Bazaar.

All I had in mind was to check if the Mysore Masala Dosa was like the ones we get in Bangalore – slightly thick, but crispy with the red chutney smeared on the inside. Some said its available there and some said it isn’t, so decided to check it out myself.
Friend wanted a Ghee Roast Dosa, I ordered a Mysore Masala Dosa, and I must admit it was quite late in the night, around 10PM, and just 2-3 tables were occupied at that time. After about 10 minutes, the Ghee Dosa made an entry. Looked good and crispy and all that, but was like half the size of the normal dosa. We were probably thinking they were out of dosa batter 😉 My dosa came five minutes later. It was pretty sad – flimsy, absolutely no crispiness whatsoever, neither thick, and it had the red chutney smeared on the inside and potato masala. It was a disappointment. The chutneys were good and the Sambhar was good with a slightly sweet taste.
Enough with the dosas, decided to have some ice cream. My friend ordered Nutty Crunch and I ordered Mathsya Special Falooda. Both were decent, but far from anything worth appreciating. Nutty crunch had nuts so finely grated that you couldn’t make it out. It was a mix of vanilla and chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce. Mathsya Special Falooda was okay, the semolina in it was extra long and wouldn’t cut easily, was a bit awkward to eat it with a spoon. It wasn’t bad, so managed to finish it.
Overall, around 500 bucks for this, and a slightly above average experience. I am still told their breakfast buffet for 109 bucks is a steal!

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