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Rasavid, Karapakkam

Rasavid, a name that I have been hearing for a long time now, primarily for their Hyderabadi Biryani ! Somehow never managed to visit them for a dine-in, but long ago, I have ordered once from them and I loved it.

Myself and a friend decided to catch up over dinner and this name popped up in my mind. Immediately suggested this and it was accepted without any hesitation 🙂 This place is located in Karapakkam, on OMR, bang opposite to Aravind Theater. Rasavid is perhaps more famous than the movie theater itself 😉 As soon as we entered, we got seated and only a few other tables were occupied at that time. It was relatively an early dinner around 07:30PM.
While we were looking to order a starter, Mr. Ali, who waited on our table, suggested Chicken Gulab Seekh Kebab, and we decided to go with his recommendation. Ordered a Hyderabadi Dum Mutton Biriyani for my friend and a Hyderabadi Dum Chicken Biriyani for myself. We added an egg Omelette to the order. The starter came in about 10 minutes and looked quite appealing! The first bite, and I would say it was easily one of the best Chicken Seekh kebabs I’ve had in recent times. Soft and succulent chicken unlike the dry chewy ones I’ve had in many places, we loved it. Meanwhile the Biriyanis came, and after a quick photoshoot, he helped to serve it. I liked the Chicken Biriyani, the chicken piece in it was soft and flavorsome. It was so soft that the flesh came of the bones without any great effort ! My friend liked his mutton Biryani too and casually commented that it tasted much better than Paradise. Coincidentally we were the ones who tasted Paradise Biriyani together. The accompaniments to the Biriyani were decent too. The Egg Omelette was pretty good. Finally decided to order a dessert and I wanted to taste their Double ka Meeta. Unfortunately it wasn’t available, so had to settle for Gajar ka Halwa. It was heated and came piping hot. It was very tasty, we finished it in no time!
The dinner cost is 833 bucks and was absolutely worth it !
Overall, everything we ate was tasty and we thoroughly enjoyed the dining experience! I would certainly recommend this place for wonderful tasty food!

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