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Kalpana Andhra Mess, Sholinganallur

This place brings back a lot of memories! It used to be one of our regular lunch places for almost a year during my Accenture days, way back in 2007-2008. Kalpana Andhra Mess is located right outside the old Accenture office, immediately next to the Gateway hotel in Sholinganallur, on OMR.

Been planning for a long time to visit this place, somehow never happened in all these years. A sudden interest after seeing an Andhra Mess post in a Facebook Food group, decided to hit it right away! Same place, everything looked the same. You have to order and pay in advance and get tokens for what you’re gonna eat. I didn’t know there was a separate AC section here, so as always, entered the non-AC section and settled down. 1 Meals, 1 Boneless Chicken Fry and 1 Egg Omelette was what I got the tokens for.
Nothing seems to have changed here, immediately settled down and got a plate and tumbler. Standard items are on the table for self-service. They are normally the Pappu, Pulusu, ‘Fry’, Podi and oil, and pachchadi. ‘Fry’ is basically ‘Fry anything under the sun’ 😀 We named it so, because most of the times, you couldn’t make out what it was, but it tasted yummy! This time, it was Dondakaya aka Tindoora/Gjerkins. Had to google these names 😛 Rice was served, and I started off with Podi and Oil. Meanwhile Omelette and Boneless Chicken Fry was served.
Fry was a bit salty, Podi and oil mixed in rice was awesome with that Pulusu, Omelette was good, Chicken Fry was decent. Next, when I asked for rice, I had to wait for a few minutes for the next batch. Got hot steaming rice and generous amounts of Tomato pappu was very good. Finished the meal with Curd Rice and accompaniments.
Either I have been eating tastier suff, or I have been eating too many varieties, I would rate this meal as just slightly above average! There was nothing I would say extraordinary, but all of them tasted pretty decent! Don’t know why, during Accenture days, when we used to be regulars here, we had a feeling that this place was amazing! I’m really not sure if their standards have dropped or mine have risen 😉
Overall, for me it was pure nostalgia, so loved it! For others, may not be so! In case you’re on this side of the town and you’re looking for budget Meals, this is a decent place to try. 80 bucks for meals, 110 bucks for boneless Chicken Fry and 15 bucks for an Omelette, totally 205 bucks in all !

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