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Rayar’s Mess, Mylapore

Everytime I have been here, it has been the same story – a minimum wait of 30-35 minutes to get a table and a steady stream of customers. Has my opinion of the place changed? Not really! Rayar’s Mess located in Arundale Street, in Mylapore is what we’re talking about !

They have a very small menu in the mornings – Idli, Vadai, and Pongal. Getti Chutney (Thick Chutney) and Molaga Podi are the additional accompaniments which are chargeable. Filter Coffee is available to end the breakfast. I must have been here about 3-4 times, around 8:30 AM each time. By the time we got a table, Pongal was sold out. It is common knowledge among regular customers that if you want Pongal, you should be there early. I have written about my first visit here, about 5 years back.
Today, by chance, I happened to go there early around 7:20 AM along with a friend. Same scenes, same crowd, and same waiting. We had to wait for a good 40 minutes, and got seated by 8 AM. Pongal for the first time at Rayar’s Mess, I was a blessed soul I thought! 🙂 Crispy Vadais, the trademark Green Chilli Chutney aka Kaara Chutney, Getti Chutney, and Molaga Podi were served. Generous amounts of chutney and sambhar poured on the Pongal, it tasted good. Nothing worth a slightest complaint and we did have another Pongal each. Filter Coffee is served outside as the next batch is waiting to pounce on the seats you just vacated. The coffee could have been a bit better, it wasn’t bad. Just that the smell of milk was dominating and I don’t like my coffee that way!
Everything that they serve tastes good, but, nothing exceptional though. So the question remains that with such a long wait, and not-so-comfy dining conditions, is really worth it?!? To each, his own. I know people who travel from very far to eat here. I go here primarily to catch up with a close friend, so waiting time really doesnt matter. If I was on a strict timeline, I would think twice, and perhaps head to a more comfortable place.
We paid exactly 300 bucks for 4 Pongals, 6 Vadais, 3 Idlis, 2 Getti Chutneys, 1 Molaga Podi, and 2 Coffees between the two of us. Yes, we’re both heavy eaters 😉
Those looking for comfortable dining, without having to wait, please excuse. Those who are ready to wait for a while and adjust, you can be assured you will get good tasty stuff. I’d probably visit again when I’m on that side of the city, to meet my friend again !

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