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The Moon and Sixpence, Hablis

A visit to The Moon And Sixpence was pending for quite sometime now and finally happened. I heard about this place a few months back in the Chennai Food Guide Facebook group and since then had it in the back of my mind to visit it. Today I was meeting a few friends, and ex-colleagues for drinks and dinner and decided that this is the place to catch up. All of us have stayed together in Germany for some time and all of us were fond of foreign beers. So obviously the agenda was that we taste the beers one by one and spend some quality time catching up with old times!
The place was wonderful ! The interiors was great and resembled any Irish pub that we remembered from Frankfurt, Germany. So in a way, it was very nostalgic for us to catch up in these familiar surroundings !
One of our friends was supposed to join a bit late, so we started with Hoegaarden, then went on to have an Amstel and then Stella Artois. We followed it up with a Kingfisher Draught and amidst all these, we ordered the common side-eats like Fish and Chips, Siracha Chicken Wings, Moon and Sixpence Nachos twice, and steamed Chicken dish. All of them were good, but what is worth mentioning is that they were exactly like what I had outside India, less spice, just right amount of flavour. So do not expect an Indianized taste. You may be disappointed.
The bar was quite busy, the service was good. Overall, it was a very nice place to catch up.
They have an Ipad as the menu and there was probably some technical glitch that you couldn’t order from that.  You had to go through the menu and ‘manually’  order to the waiter at the table.
The bill came to about 6K for three of us, including all the drinks.
I would definitely visit again, for some nice occasion, preferably to entertain some friend from abroad.

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