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Roof Top restaurant, Raj Palace

The Roof Top restaurant in Raj Palace is a decent option for ‘drinks and dinner’, especially when you want to catch some matches live on a big screen.
The food in general was good, the service was good too.  I am not going to elaborate on the food because our primary agenda was to catch up with a couple of friends over a few beers and watch some cricket on the big screen.  We ordered side eats to go with beer and finished dinner with chicken fried rice, butter naan and egg masala.   We ordered Fish fingers, Tandoori Chicken, Chicken Manchurian, Mutton chukka, Boiled Egg, Cherry Cheese and Pineapple and green salad.  All of them were pretty good.  Since they serve liquor,  there are lot of people primarily for drinks.  So I wouldn’t recommend this place if you are looking just to have food.  Similarly, with kids, it is not a very apt choice.  Smoking is allowed on the table.  In case you are a non-smoker,  which way the wind blows will decide how much smoke you inhale passively 😀
Overall, I had a good evening and would definitely visit again.

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