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Bombay Kulfi

After all the posts on Facebook food groups raving about this place, I had to try. 

Since it was holidays for kids, and needless to say, damn hot during the day, decided to take the kids out for an ice cream.  In my mind I had already decided that this was going to be the place. So I told them its going to be a Kulfi outing.
Bombay Kulfi is a small ice cream parlour located in the same building as Tuscana on Shastri Nagar.  We reached without problems based on instructions from one of my friends in a food group.  We entered into a small parlour which can seat about 8 I think, small stools and a small place.
We ordered a mix of Kulfi and Natural Ice cream in this order, two at a time – Gulkand, Malai, Calcutta Pan, Roasted Almond, Shahi Gulab and the kids had a Kulfi stick of Mango and Bluberry.
We enjoyed all of them, however, my order of rating would be Gulkand, Roasted Almond, Calcutta Pan, Malai, Shahi Gulab, Mango and Bluberry.
Gulkand was awesome, not too hard as the rest, a bit soft and wonderful flavor.  Roasted Almond was wonderful with the flavor in every piece. Calcultta Pan was awesome too.  Malai was a bit like ‘normal’ kulfi to me, Shahi Gulab had a slight similarity to Gulkand and a bit mild to make a strong impression.  Mango Stick was good, however I didn’t find blueberry very appealing.  Unfortunately, I missed Tender Coconut as they did not have it in stock, the reason being Holi holidays in Mumbai. That was a miss! 🙁
I would certainly drop in again during Summer when I feel like having Kulfi or Natural Icecreams.
Priced nominally around 40-70 bucks each, it cost us 380 bucks in all and was absolutely worth it. The owner Hitesh was a very pleasant person with whom I had a brief interaction during our visit and he made us feel very welcome !
I will certainly visit again, for the Tender Coconut I missed, and for their kulfis and Natural Icecreams in general !

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