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This restaurant is a place that I have been wanting to visit for quite sometime now, somehow, never happened until today. I stay pretty much on the same road as this one is located. For the last many years, I have been seeing this place almost everyday 🙂 This is one of the places that is open early in the morning, and it is quite popular with office-goers and regulars, who eat out daily. This restaurant is located on the 100-feet bypass road, Velachery.
I went really late to have breakfast, and was hoping that they still have service. Many restaurants close after breakfast and open for lunch again. I was lucky they were open. There is a non-AC dining hall in the ground floor and an AC hall in the first floor. Damn hot outside, I stepped into the AC hall. As I expected, I was the only one there apart from the waiter. Poori masala was not available, that’s understandable at 10:15AM, no complaints at all. Pongal vada was available, and that’s my next favourite. Should say this is the most ordinary pongal I have eaten 🙂 If you remove the pepper corns from it, it will pass off as ghee rice for kids 😉 Sambhar was very good and so was the white chutney. Orange chutney was saying it’s last prayers 😛 Vada was crispy and good. Next, ordered Masala Dosa. This was ok, not crispy though. The masala was bland, but good. So you can be assured that kids will eat without complaining of hot spicy food. Finished it off with coffee and this was the best here ! Very nice filter coffee to end my breakfast.
For forty rupees for pongal and fifty rupees for masala dosa, it could have been slightly better taste-wise I felt. Fourteen rupees for vada was justifiable. A2B charges thirty rupees for vada as big as this. So it is a steal 😉
As I said earlier, ten-thirty is no time to ‘actually’ review a place for breakfast. Definitely the restaurant deserves a benefit of doubt. I will plan to go in peak time when the place is busy to see exactly how it is. By the way, the menu is catchy and colourful with lot of options for lunch and dinner. So definitely worth another visit.

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