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Barbeque Nation

We were four friends primarily looking for a place to have some beer/liquor with amazing side dish. Of course, we could have chosen good bars in Chennai, but the live grill and the starters at Barbeque Nation were the top choice, and if they served liquor, why not!!!
To start, I had a reservation for a table at 06:30PM. Obviously we knew it was difficult to make, I managed to reach at 06:45 and told them that a couple of them would be late and I would like to wait. They said they can hold the table until 7:00PM. Fair enough! At 7:00PM, my friends told me they need 10 more minutes to reach. That’s when I decided I’ll go and settle down, not willing to miss the reservation. Guess what???? Only two or three tables were occupied in the whole restaurant! C’mmon, I know what reservation means, but you can relax it a bit when the place is relatively free !
All settled down, we started with beer and a couple of mocktails. There was an African food festival going on – ‘The return of Hakuna Matata’!! 🙂 Well, our agenda was pretty clear, so we didnt mind if it was African or American 😉
The starters started to come one by one…veggies, chicken, fish, prawns, and the ones served on the plate like Veg cutlet, cajun potatoes, tangri kebab. All of them were good ! Nothing to complain. Continuously refilled, again and again and we enjoyed it to the core. The Vegetable cutlet was like some paneer kofta, slightly sweet and I should say I ate so many that the waiter was surprised 😉 It was so tasty !
We shifted to hard liquor, ordered Bacardi and Cola and kept that going on and on. There was something catchy in the cocktail menu of the food festival. It was called Long shots, that was rum-based shots with Malibu in a salt-rimmed glass and we ordered quite a few of that too.
In between, there was a flash mob dance by the waiters and that was nice, full of enthusiasm.
One of my friends who did not drink proceeded to the main course, while we were still stuck with drinks and starters. Then, I gave the main course a skip and moved on to desserts. I loved the choices. The mini gulab jamuns were yummy. The rest of them were all good too.
Special mention about Mr. Rahul, who waited on our table. Absolutely patient and polite. Also worth mentioning is that there was a small stone in one of the chicken pieces, and when I let the waiter know about it, in the next five minutes, the Manager was there to apologize. Now, that is service ! I hardly remember the stone anymore, but the service, truly worth appreciating.
Overall, this place is wonderful and would be one of my favourites! Again to reiterate my point, Grill box, that is an imitation of Barbeque Nation, doesn’t even stand the slightest chance !
Together for 4 of us, the bill came to around 3.5K, that included a couple of mocktails and 4 non-vegetarian buffet.  The bill for the liquor was twice as much.

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