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Angeethi, Hotel Museum Inn, Bangalore

Angeethi is a Punjabi Dhaba restaurant, on the fourth floor of Hotel Museum Inn, off M G Road, Bangalore. We were two families and we went here for lunch. We were actually delayed and reached around 3:10PM. We were told that the buffet ended at 3:30PM, but still we took a chance.
The ambience of this place was catchy. Well-made to look like a dhaba, the bollywood film posters from long ago, the plants, and the ‘mock’ well were all nice. This place is not air-conditioned. So on a not-so-sunny day, this is great. There are fans and coolers though.
There were live counters for Chat, chatpati aloo, mutton keema, ice golas. We started with pani puri and it was very good. The starters were good. Understandably, all of them were close to being over, but not too short. We had enough of what we liked. The main course was also good. We tasted some vegetable biriyani and some rice with gravies. Moved to desserts and sweets were good. The ice golas was just ordinary. Did not like the essence in it, and kala khatta was missing. We also had vanilla and strawberry ice cream and that was good. The service was good. Since it was almost closing time, they made sure they asked us each time if we needed something or if they can take off something from the spread. That was nice of them.
Overall the food and ambience was good and time with family was well spent. The lunch set us back by about 4K for 7 adults and 1 child.

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