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Grill Box

An unexpected plan to eat out and we chose to eat at grillbox, RK Salai, Mylapore. It was one of those average experiences that you wished had never happened !
We entered the restaurant and the guy at the reception told us the table was available in fourth floor. We went there only to find one other table occupied. It was a strange feeling seeing so many empty tables in a restaurant and the ambience was just ok, not very appealing. We had to come one floor down to use the wash and rest room, and this floor was much better. Most of the tables were occupied, and it was a good feeling to see the place busy. We asked them to get us seated in the third floor as we preferred to dine alongside few other customers than in an empty hall.
We had a quick look at the buffet spread and it looked kinda decent with reasonable varieties both in veg and non-veg sections. We were seated and the table was comfortable, and they had a kid’s chair which was good.
My wife preferred vegetarian today, and myself and kids went with non-vegetarian. We were served some starters on our plate in addition to the ones on the grill on our table. Spicy fried potato was probably their version of cajun potatoes and it was passable. We tasted gobi manchurian which smelt of oil. The tandoori chicken leg was good. Chilli chicken was good, not very soft though. Our first impression was just so-so, not outstanding. Meanwhile the grill was placed and the skewers started to come. We got chicken, fish, prawns, paneer, mushroom and pineapple. On the whole, everything was somehow just average. We have eaten quite a few times at Barbeque Nation and I must say this is not even close. We decided to stop eating starters and shift to the main course. I normally skip main course at Barbeque Nation and go with Starters and Desserts. Here I was keen to try that to see if it was any better.
As I said, the spread looked decent initially. Started with a few items – Egg jalfrezi was ok, paneer in the gravy was very chewy, vegetarian manchurian balls in gravy was good, vegetarian noodles at Sangeetha would have been better. :/ Overall, they were missing the wow factor. Not one item felt like I should for it again. Opted to move for the desserts.
Gulab jamuns and vanilla ice cream was wonderful. Not sure since when, but this combination is one of my favorites and this did not let me down. This was probably the only item in the whole evening, which I felt, I could eat again. There were some cake pieces, orange and lemon flavors and were good. Phirni was ok, and sliced water-melon was decent.
Service was ok, and not worth complaining.
Overall, for a price of Rs 499 for an adult (for both veg and non-veg), this I felt was not worth the money spent. Possibly those who haven’t eaten at Barbeque Nation might have a different opinion, but this place failed to impress me.
I wouldn’t be too keen to visit this place again or recommend it to anyone.

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