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Chennai Citi Centre Food Court

After a log gap, visited Chennai Citi Centre today for some shopping. Ever since Phoenix Market City opened, we have never ventured to any other mall as we stay very close to it, in Velachery.
Tired after shopping, we decided to eat something at La Marina, the Food Court in Citi Centre. Wife wanted to have vegetarian South-Indian and preferred the same for my three-year-old daughter too. What better choice than Sangeetha ! Ordered Onion Rava dosa for my wife and Plain Oothappam for my daughter. My eight-year-old son wanted to explore a bit and he decided to go with a Malaysian Combo from Combo Express. I decided to have Egg Atho along with Masala egg from the same place. That’s it, We were good to go!
I have tasted Atho at roadside outlets where they serve it with Plantain-stem soup. I also know some places serve it with more ‘traditional’ fish-flavored soup. Somehow I totally missed that point. This dish came with a soup and I started to have a couple of spoons and soon realized something was fishy.  😛 Checked with them and they confirmed it was indeed fish. I do not eat seafood by choice, and hence had to keep that away. The rest of the Atho tasted yummy, however in the back of my mind I kept wondering if there was some more fishy stuff in the Atho too!  😉 Malaysian Combo had some egg fried rice, egg noodles, 1 parotta with gravy(roti canai as it is called in Malaysia), couple of pieces of chicken fry and raitha. It was pretty good too !
The vegetarian dishes from Sangeetha were good, no complaints.
Saw a wonderful photo of filter coffee and tempted to try that at Real Coffee outlet, it was decent, not extraordinary.
The dinner cost Rs200 at Sangeetha, around Rs 450 at Combo Express and Rs 20 for a coffee at the Real Coffee outlet !
With that, we ended our dinner at the Citi Centre Food Court!

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