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After attending the Annual Day function of my son’s school at Kamarajar Arangam in Teynampet, all of us were quite tired and hungry. It was already around 20:00 Hrs and didn’t have the patience to drive back all the way to Velachery.

Decided to eat out somewhere close by. One of the first places that came to my mind was KNK road and Wallace Garden in Nungambakkam. It was about 10 minutes drive and at the same time, a lot of options there. We hoped that at least one of them would work.
Roads were quite free for a Saturday evening and we reached quite soon as planned. The place looked very busy from outside and the same building also had Delhi Highway restaurant in it. They had valet parking and that was helpful. We were immediately escorted to our table and seated. The place had nice classy interiors. The waterfall looked good and sounded soothing and a few tables were occupied when we entered. Had a look at the menu, it was a mix of American, Italian, Mexican and North-Indian dishes. Ordered two mocktails, Blue Paradiso and Strawberry Joy Fizz and both the drinks were great! Asked the waiter to recommend some nice starters and he suggested American Cheese Corn Balls. Pesto Hummus with Pita Bread sounded interesting, so ordered that and Manhattan French Fries too.
The service was quite fast and good. We got the starters in less than ten minutes. As I said earlier, the mocktails were great! American Cheese Corn Balls was ok, not great. I couldn’t really relish the taste in it except the cheese and corn. It was just average. Manhattan French Fries was good. I loved the Salsa dip that was served along with it. It was cheesy and tasty. Pesto Hummus with Pita Bread was good, but the Pita Bread was too little. Even after a generous helping of Hummus in each mouth, we were almost finished with the Pita Bread, but had at least half of Hummus left, so had to leave it as we couldn’t eat it with anything else. It was sort of a mismatch in quantities, but tasted good.
Since we were not sure of the portion sizes, decided to order a couple of Main Course dishes and share it amongst ourselves. Wife wanted a Bombay Tandoori Pizza. We ordered the 10-inch thin-crust pizza. My son ordered Lasagna Supreme. Pizza was average. I wasn’t very happy with the crust as it looked like it was clearly beyond the stipulated time in the oven that it almost turned into a biscuit. It was crisp and it ‘broke’ when I tried to cut it with a knife. The cheese and the pizza toppings didn’t gel well with the base. I mean, you could pull off the entire cheese and toppings and be left with a crunchy base with pizza sauce on it. It was a let down. Overall, it tasted good in the mouth, but clearly not how I would have loved a pizza to be. Surprisingly all of us at this point felt very heavy and couldn’t finish the Lasagna. I just had a quarter of it and my wife and son were in no mood to try. Hence asked for the rest to be packed.  It tasted good.  We were quite hungry when we entered and we are all, sort of good eaters. Probably it was the cheese that made us feel so heavy, that we had to skip the desserts and ask for the check.
The dinner set us back by a little more than 2K. The bill included a Service Charge of 10% and it was absolutely worth it. Very attentive service, at the same time, not intrusive. The food, however did not leave a very positive impression in my mind. Generally this cuisine is one of our favorites. In other Italian restaurants like Dario’s and Tuscana, we’ve felt so satisfied after a meal and that was clearly missing here. So I wouldn’t be too keen to return if I had other options.

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