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Tovo, Besant Nagar

A sudden craving for chicken and immediately out of the blue, Tovo popped up in my mind. We decided to visit the Tovo, Besant Nagar outlet, erstwhile Tovo Canteen.

We were the only ones in the restaurant for quite sometime, and that was a bit of a surprise looking at the number of reviews and the rating on Zomato.  I was seriously expecting a packed house and probably a slight waiting time for a table, as I didn’t have a prior reservation.
We ordered Indian Cheese Tawad, Tovo Tender Winglets and Chicken Bites for starters and a couple of juices – Mint & Lime and Tender Water Guava.
The starters came in decent time, while we were chatting away with noone around. I should mention the place is dimly lit, good enough to eat, but too dim to click a picture. It was a bit of a struggle getting some clear clicks before we started to eat.
– Chicken Bites was good, it was boneless chunks of chicken, looked like deep fried on the outside and was crispy and tasty.
– Chicken Wings was okay, would have liked a bit more flavor and spice in it.
– Indian Cheese Tawad was Paneer cubes tempered and toasted with spices. Paneer was very soft, and the dish was okay.
The two juices came in bottles and was decent.
– Tovo Slate with Chicken Mash, Chilli Peppery infused, and topped with Cheese Scramble – This was good overall, but the chicken mash (patty for the burger) had an overpowering flavor of some spices which wasn’t very appealing.
– S&S Half Chicken, the waiter recommended some infusion, didn’t get that very well. We asked for mildly spicy and then asked for some extra spice as it wasn’t quite hot enough. Chicken was cooked very well, was soft and flavorsome.
I personally felt that it probably needs a few trial and error attempts to arrive at the final infusion + topping ‘winner’ combination.
We decided to have ice cream elsewhere, so skipped the desserts. The dinner cost us 2.2k and included a Service Charge of 10%.
Overall, a pleasant dinner, but still had to leave with a feeling of ‘Yeh Dil Maange More’ !

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