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Kapao Dos, Egmore

Kapao Dos, the name got me interested! After a quick investigation, found out that they served a bit of everything – American, Chinese, Italian, Asian! Decided to try! Planned a quick lunch with a friend right away.

I know the place, right opposite to Ethiraj College, inside a complex called Wellingdon Estate, where a few other restaurants are located too. Last time I was here, was when I visited North East Kitchen. This place looked quite similar to North East Kitchen, small, and in two levels. We literally had a shock when we saw the board ‘CLOSED’ prominently displayed on the door. Still went ahead and opened the door and asked them why! That’s when he said they’re open and flipped the board to the other side that now read ‘OPEN’. After a sigh of relief, we entered !
The place was empty, we were the only ones and free to choose where we wanted to sit. Took the table right next to the door as there was good natural light there.
Friend wanted vegetarian, after a quick look at the menu, we decided to order. Now to the best part of the entire meal, I was going to order momos with 6 pcs, just wanted to check if they could make 3 veg and 3 chicken to which they gladly obliged. That was something really nice of them. Made our job of ordering so much easy!
We ordered 1 Spicy Barbeque Momos (3veg + 3 Chicken), 1 Kurkure Momos (again 3veg + 3 chicken), 1 Masala Fries for starters, and 1 Farmers Burger for my friend and Stoners Revenge for myself.
In about 10 minutes, the starters made their way to our table. Another thing worth mentioning, they were absolutely not stingy with the dips or sauces because we ordered 3+3, we in fact got tomato sauce and the dip separately for each plate, loved that. Kurkure momo was deep-fried and tasted yummy with the dip. Spicy Barbeque Momos were good too, but more like pan-fried with some veggies on a bed of crispy noodles, topped with crushed peanuts. The crispy noodles at the bottom were not the easiest to eat. Masala fries were also pretty decent, no complaints!
We got our burgers just when we were finishing the starters. They looked pretty good, except that I couldn’t understand why it was served with rice krispies (Vadaam/Vadagam). I’ve never seen this combination anywhere ! Burger and Vadaam? wow! This was something new! I deconstructed my burger and began to eat, liked the patty topped with cheese. Unlike the chicken breast, it was a chicken patty, I like that better. Friend liked his veg burger too.
We finished with this, a bit too stuffed for desserts or drinks. We paid a little less than 900 bucks, for a pretty good meal. I am not sure if I would be motivated to come back all the way to taste something else, but can definitely say it was a nice lunch.

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