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Haven Sampoorna, Velachery

Haven Sampoorna is one of the very nice places for a vegetarian meal in Velachery and I’ve been there a few times already. On the occassion of my Daddy’s birthday, we decided to go here for lunch. Since it was meant to be vegetarian, didn’t think too much. Pind, Peaches and Haven Sampoorna were the places in my mind. Pind wasn’t easily accessible because of some road work, Peaches hasn’t been making any news lately, so decided to go to Haven Sampoorna instead !

The place has a nice ambience, its well-lit and nice. We got a six-seater and settled down.  Its a multi-cuisine restaurant and that makes it convenient when you’ve got a wide requirement from Roti to Pasta to Noodles, all in one place 🙂
After a brief look at the menu, ordered Sweet Corn coup two by four, Cheese and Corn Balls, Haven Kebab and Tandoor Platter. What I would have expected the waiter to immediately point out was that Tandoori platter would also come with the same Haven Kebab, so it would be better if I ordered something else instead. Unfortunately they were not so proactive, and this kebab was not the best dish they served. It felt a bit dry and was quite spicy that kids struggled. So we had too much of this kebab and it was a struggle to finish it. Corn and Cheese balls were tasty and it disappeared in a jiffy. Rest of the items in the Tandoor Platter were also good. Overall, except for the overdose of Haven Kebabs, the starters were good.
Kids wanted to try Italian and were in no mood to have North-Indian, so ordered a Vegetable Lasagna, Spicy Mexican Pasta Bake, Pasta Alfredo with Penne and I wanted Hunan Noodles with Cauliflower Manchurian gravy. While it took me some time to click pictures, my daughter was too quick and started to eat her pasta 🙂 So didn’t click that! The main course was tasty and absolutely no complaints with the food. The Hunan noodles was very good and I liked it with the Cauliflower Manchurian gravy.
Finally, ordered Paan Ice cream and Golden Sunset for desserts. Loved both the ice creams. Overall, it cost us about 3K for the lunch and this place is a tad expensive compared to the other North-Indian options in and around, but the food sort of makes up for it !

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