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A wonderful dinner with family.  As always, the paneer at Pind was really awesome ! Ordered a Tandoori Khazana Platter as usual and found a few items to be really hot (mirchi).  Told the waiter that it was too spicy for the kids and he gave us a plate of Malai paneer tikka that the kids relished and very politely took our feedback. When we ordered the main course, he also suggested a subzi that is less spicy and it was wonderful !  The service was very good and so was the food.
This restaurant remains as one of our favorite places in and around Velachery.

Visited October 2013.



A recent dinner with family and relatives, totally ten of us. Called up in advance and reserved a table. They didn’t disappoint, the table was ready.
The food as usual was yummy ! Again…the paneer..probably best in town, loved it.
Wonderful time with family.
This time, there was valet parking available, so all the more convenient.
Would recommend this restaurant anytime!

Visited December 2012


This restaurant is located very close to where I live, in Vijayanagar, Velachery. I cant believe I had not heard about this place until a month ago. Spotted this on some website, and then looked at their facebook page. I was really curious to try this and visited twice in September. 🙂

Locating this can be difficult because it is not a huge building, so for those who need help, take the first right when proceeding from Velachery(Vijayanagar bus terminus) to Taramani. You actually have to go a little ahead and make a U-turn and come back and take a left. Watch out for the restaurant signboard.

The restaurant actually surprised me. Pretty decent ambience inside. Doesnt look like that from outside. Good seating arrangement, and good enough to accomodate groups also. It looks really nice compared to other restaurants in the neighbourhood.

Food was wonderful on both the visits, just a small thing – soup was not as hot as it is supposed to be on my second visit.
They probably have the best paneer in town :). Yummy ! So soft, and really tasty. We loved it.
Their tandoori platter was wonderful with good variety. All other items were good, nothing to complain.
They have a mocktail bar that resembles a real bar, but it isnt 🙂 We ordered a couple of mocktails and were not very impressed. It wasnt bad, but we could have done without that.
Another “new” try was pan-icecream (pan as in sweet beeda, pan-flavor). That was nice and havent tasted that before. You have enough time to enjoy your meal.

Car parking can be a problem, they have place for a very few cars, have to adjust on the street.
Looks like they also have home delivery, but havent tried it.

We loved this place and this will definitely be on our “favorites” list hereafter ! A must-try !

Visited September 2012

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