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Tasty Pizza

Visited a place called Tasty Pizza in K.K.Nagar. This is a very recently opened outlet and their other branch in Ramapuram has been there for quite sometime now. Since the owner of the place was a distant friend/acquaintance, I told him I will be clicking pictures while I eat and he readily agreed.
As we entered, the first thing we noticed was that the place was clean, the ambience was pretty ok, an all-red theme, comfortable seating six-seaters on one side and four-seaters on the other side. We had a peep into the kitchen where we saw how the pizza was made. I managed to get a few clicks of how the pizza was made.
Back to our seats, we ordered a few short-eats – french fries and there was masala fries which was better than the normal ones. Cheese balls and potato smileys, and chicken nuggets. All of them were good.
Started with the pizzas – Catchy one was the ‘Fruit’ pizza which had a lot of fruits and it was obviously sweet. Wondered how a sweet pizza would taste, but it was much better than what I expected. Then there was a Pepper Chicken Pizza. This was again very different ‘local’ flavor. It was like eating a very familiar chicken masala, but as a pizza. Loved that flavor. Then there was Barbeque chicken pizza which was a bit too juicy because of too much sauce, but tasted good. The vegetable pizza was a standard one and was ok. All these pizzas had lot of cheese, were soft and juicy and really VFM. Those who are weight watchers, ‘Italian real pizza’ lovers, should excuse. This is just good to compare with the normal pizza outlets and not the exotic ones like wood-fired thin crust pizzas and so on.
We also ordered chicken strips and drumstick chicken and these were very similar to the KFC stuff, BUT…were much better in my opinion. I have eaten a lot of times in KFC and have never been a big fan of their chicken apart from the outside crispy layer. Here the inside of the chicken was well-cooked, juicy and tasted good.
Have heard from friends that their other branch at Ramapuram is a favorite amongst the college students. They have some discounts for students, and good taste and VFM is what attracts them there I guess.
Overall, complete VFM, worth a visit.

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