Chennai Restaurant Reviews


A very so-so dining experience at Dimsum. Ambience was good, service was good, but the food was missing the wow factor. Something was wrong here and there –
-Chicken basically had that smell in the dragon chicken and the soup..the smell that you get when frozen chicken is not defrost properly..
-Chicken satay was literally sour..and the peanut sauce watery..a big disappointment..
-Veg noodles was good, a tad salty
-Thai curry and rice was the saving grace and i hogged on it..
-Cassatta was ok…
-Fried icecream was a surprise punch..when my son put it in his mouth, the icecream inside was so watery that it splashed all the way to the other side of the table He enjoyed that
BUT…The restaurant was packed and only one table was free when we were dining, so obviously people probably like the place.

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