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Chaat Chatore and The London Shakes, Velachery

A cute little place that opened quite recently on the 100-Feet Road in Velachery! I’ve been eyeing this place for a while now, but somehow couldn’t visit. Finally one of my friends came home to meet me, and I dragged him along for a chaat dinner. I couldn’t be happier that I checked it off!

The place is compact, but very vibrant. Good use of the space, one section had swings instead of the usual chairs. That would certainly be an added attraction for the kids. Speakers played English music in a soothing volume. Overall, it seemed very welcoming!
Quick look at the menu, it was evident that there were two brands which had two totally separate menus under one roof. Don’t know the technicalities, perhaps owned by the same person. I understand Chaat Chatore is popular in North India and this most probably works on a franchise model. Anyways, back to the menu, we decided to go predominantly with the dishes on Chaat Chatore menu.
We ordered a Classic Bhel, Mumbai Vada Pav, 2 Paani Puri Shots (each one had 5 shots with different flavors of paani), Cheese Katori Chaat, Cheese Maggi and Cheese Garlic Bread.
I’ll elaborate in the same order the dishes were served. πŸ™‚
Classic Bhelpuri came first, absolutely wonderful. Most places in Chennai add an overdose of sauces and make it soggy. This was so crispy that even the crispyness of the puffed rice could be felt. The taste was wonderful.
Mumbaiya Vada Pav was the next to arrive, tasted good, but a bit too spicy for me. A glass of water definitely helped after this one. πŸ™‚
Paani Puri shots was the next to arrive. This was presented quite nicely. The puris had some variation in the filling, likewise the paani was also different in each shot glass. I could make out at least 3 flavors, regular, meetha and hing. The puris were crispy and they neatly held on with the fillings and water until they reached my mouth. πŸ™‚
Cheese Garlic Bread was from the other menu, my friend ordered that. Cheesy and yummy! So far we were really impressed with what we ate.
Cheese Katori Chaat, this basically looked like the cheese canopys that are available in a few places, but the filling was yummy. It had some yummy masala along with a bit of yoghurt and tasted wonderful! Loaded with cheese, it was a calorie bomb. However, I convinced myself that uncooked cheese may not be as bad as cooked cheese πŸ˜‰ Last time I felt so much cheese in my mouth was after a bite of Khakra Sandwich in Ekkaduthangal.
Finally friend finished with a Cheese Maggi, nothing much to comment here, tasted good as it always does.
Overall, it was an absolutely wonderful experience. The waiters were extremely pleasant, polite and more than courteous. We paid 424 bucks, and I’d consider it very well worth it.
As I mentioned earlier, the other menu of The London Shakes has a whole lot of stuff to be tried. There’s more even in the menu of Chaat Chatore, we barely managed to try a few dishes. I sincerely hope that they maintain the same standard. I’d gladly recommend them for quite bites and a nice evening !

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