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Cheesy Juicy Burgers

Dinner at Cheesy Juicy Burgers on Lattice Bridge Road, a place that is quite popular in food groups on Facebook. Myself and a friend finished some work in Besant Nagar and were heading back to Velachery, and by accident, I spotted this place. We were anyway thinking about eating something, decided to finish off dinner here.

As we entered, the place was very small, just a little bigger than a takeaway joint. There was one four-seater table and three two-seater tables. So ten people at a time is what they can accommodate. When I entered, just another table was taken. We took a seat right beside the entrance with a view of the LB Road. The menu card was not very clean :/ I really thought they should change it now and then. After all, it was just paper and not a fancy book-kinda stuff.
This place serves a variety of Burgers and Sandwich, some sides and aerated drinks. My friend ordered a Kebabi burger and I went with The Boss, as the name sounded catchy ! We also ordered a Garlic Bread and Veg Fingers for starters and a water bottle. The Veg Fingers was good and together with the mayo, it tasted yummy. The Sweet Chilli sauce that came along with it was a bit runny. Garlic bread looked a bit burnt, but tasted awesome with the Mayo and it was very soft! Then came the burger. It was quite huge and I was actually worried how I was going to eat it without getting messy. Of late, have been eating a burger with a knife and a fork while the patty and bread were firmly held together by a skewer. Here there was neither the skewer to hold it together nor knife and fork to eat. So eating it bite by bite with both hands was pretty much the only option.
This is when I decided to change my table. A lot of people walking on the platform were staring at the food as they passed by and somehow they appeared too close. I was kinda uncomfortable with that. Moved to a different table facing the kitchen and it was much better. True to their name, the burger was cheesy and juicy and definitely got messy 🙂 It was huge in size and I loved the flavor in the chicken patty. There was a heavily stuffed fried egg and damn cheesy too. Managed to finish it and was surprised that they didn’t have a wash basin when they serve food that is so cheesy. Had to wash my hands on the edge of the road.
Overall, absolutely tasty stuff and the bill was 600 bucks for both of us together and was well worth it. I would certainly be keen to try other variants of the burger on their menu !

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