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Kothu Parotta

Koththu Parotta, or simply Kothu Parotta for simplicity of spelling, is one of the dishes that I really love. To start with, this post is not a debate on whether it is healthy or not. It is neither a debate on the hygiene of the place where it is made, nor a debate on benefits of Maida versus Wheat, but simply a post telling how much I like it 🙂

My love for parottas has been like that since school days. Never been a fan of Dosa or Idly that is available in the same shop, but a sucker for Parottas, especially the Kothu Parotta. I’ve grown in Trichy and have eaten yummy kothu parottas in most of the night kadais there. Chennai, though not on the same level as Trichy and Madurai, has quite a few of these night kadais serving kothu parota. One such place is the corner shop in the street opposite to the old Sutherland building near Vijaya Nagar Bus stand, Velachery. To put it the other way, when you come from the Velachery MRTS, it is the last left turn before the Vijaya Nagar junction.
Earlier there used to be two three shops opposite to each other and I must have eaten here many times. Now there is just one shop. It is open until midnight or a little longer, so you will see a steady stream of IT and BPO crowd, students, and bachelors having their ‘usual’ dinner here.
It is basically a Tea shop + Fast Food + Juice shop. There is a wide variety of food – Variants of Dosai, Parotta, Koththu Parotta, Aappam, Poori, variants of egg are all available here. You get them straight from the tawa, piping hot. In fact, I was actually so close to the tawa when the koththu parotta was being made and decided to click some pictures 😉
‘The Making of Koththu Parotta’ would be an apt title :p
It was absolutely yummy! Two Egg Omelettes after that and I was done with my dinner!
Pretty nominal rates as a fast food would have – 50 bucks for Koththu Parotta and 10 bucks for Omelette I think.
Next time you are looking for food around midnight in the vicinity of Velachery, you can be sure to head to this place! It’s also a typical Tea Kadai for smokers.

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