Luxe Cinemas, Phoenix Market City, Velachery

Luxe is the recently opened cinema theatres in Phoneix Market City, Velachery. There are 11 screens at the moment and there are plans to convert one of the screens to the IMAX format. As of now, it is still awaiting some formalities. Since it is the same SPI Cinemas group, the online booking is pretty much same as Sathyam and Escape. It is convenient and the mobile confirmation from SPI Cinemas serves as a ticket. No hassle of taking a print out of the ticket and thats convenient.
The interiors are awesome and very posh ! There arises a slight doubt if we are actually in India 🙂 Very well-done with dazzling lights, amazing theme, looking more like a palace than a cinema theatre. There were some things worth appreciating – There were a lot of staff continuously cleaning the floor, wash basins and so on. Hopefully they will maintain the standard in the days to come. It is a normal practice to not maintain things properly after all the pomp and grandeur during inauguration. There were waste bins which opened with a sensor-control the moment you want to throw something into it. That was neat.
The theatre itself was good, the acoustics were good. We watched a 3D movie and the glasses were of good quality. That is worth appreciating. The seats could have been a little more comfortable, but it was not bad.
We wanted to have something to eat before the movie started. The food counters were good, but there could be signboards clearly indicating Purchase and Delivery. I stood in the queue for about 5 minutes and then came to know it was for delivery only. The purchase was actually on the other side. Such ambiguity can be removed. Pizza, ice cream, burger, pop-corn and coke were good. Nothing worth complaining.
Overall, a nice experience. As we stay very close to this mall, this will be our preferred destination to catch up with some movies.

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