Saturday Night Market, Arpora, Goa

This is a really nice place to visit as an attraction.  If Food, Music and Booze is on your agenda, this place is a must-visit !  if you plan to do some serious shopping, this is NOT the place.  The prices are ridiculously high and you may have to start bargaining from half of what they quote.  There are a variety of shops selling everything under the sun and you might get anything and everything.
We took a taxi from Candolim and retained him for our way back also.  Heard from reviews that the taxi drivers fleece customers, so better off with a vehicle from elsewhere than from the market.  Since it can be really crowded, you may have to wait a while at food counters and to buy booze.  The photo booth is a nice experience.  In general, it is a safe place and a very nice attraction in Goa.

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