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This is one of the recently opened restaurants in Velachery and we stay pretty close to this place. In fact, it is one of the places that is hard to miss on the Velachery Bypass Road.

After a lot of postponement, at last we made it to this place for dinner.
As we entered, the first thing we noticed was the pleasant smile from the people there. We had to take a lift to the second floor and we were told that there was some renovation happening in the First floor. So I assumed both the floors must be theirs. The elevator opened directly into the restaurant and we were welcomed warmly. The ambience was very nice and neatly done. The place was spotlessly clean. We were seated immediately and we started to have a look at their menu. This place is a multi-cuisine restaurant and boasts of a variety of dishes in South-Indian, North-Indian, Chinese, Italian and World cuisine. Overall the items in the menu looked impressive. We wanted to try a bit of all cuisines, so it was more of a a mix-and-match order.
The first one we got was sort of a okay-ish, The Cream of Tomato Basil soup could have been hotter. It was just warm, but the flavor was decent. Murgh Malai Kebab was very good and succulent with a nice aroma, Chicken Momos was very good, and my son loved it so much that we had to repeat the order. Breaded Cheese and Chilli Mushroom was good. So, but for the soup, the starters were excellent. We were told that the pizzas were 8-inch thin crust ones, and we ordered an American BBQ pizza and it was good. The barbeque sauce left a slightly sweet aftertaste, but the chicken, cheese and crust were all fine. Just to taste some North-Indian, we ordered a Butter Naan and a Garlic Naan, both of them were good. The name Saag-e-Chamman sounded fancy, but of course, from the description we could make out that it was Palak Paneer and it was very yummy. A small goof-up with our order – We wanted Nasi Goreng with Chicken, Egg, but without Sea-food and meat. It was apparently wrongly passed on and misunderstood as ‘With Chicken, Egg, (Without Seafood), and Meat’. 😀 So as I bit into the small pieces, I could immediately make out that it wasn’t Chicken, so had to ask them to cancel that order and change our plates. It was promptly done with an apology. It isn’t as bad as serving meat to a vegetarian 😉 As I have said earlier, I am a chickenarian and do not eat meat(mutton) by choice. So apart from that minor goof-up, the main-course was very tasty and service even better. We were quite full by now and already had to pack a naan and a bit of the gravy. We decided to order just two desserts and share it with kids. I wanted to try the elaneer payasam. Have always been excited about the desserts with elaneer, and Elaneer souffle from Crimson Chakra is still on my to-do list. The Elaneer payasam was wonderful with small pieces of tender coconut in it, and my daughter almost snatched it from me and finished it. She loved it. The Waffle dream was not as good as it looked. The waffle was a little too hard and difficult to cut with a spoon. Having lived in Oslo for a few years, waffle with cream and strawberry jam used to be my breakfast on Mondays for quite sometime. So I know how soft a waffle can be 🙂 The ice cream along with it was good though.
Overall very good food and the bill set us back by about 1.8K. The service charge was just 5% and their service was worth much more than that. So I felt I had to tip in addition to that. Mr. Raghav who waited on our table was absolutely polite and pleasant and that made our dining, a pleasant experience.
I would certainly recommend this place for good food and service and staying so close to it, I would definitely drop in again !

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