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Kobe Sizzlers

This is my second visit to Kobe in Phoenix Market City and I have written about my previous experience here.

It was a casual visit to the mall and we decided to have dinner there. We walked in around 8:15PM and quite a few tables were free. We were seated immediately and since we have been here earlier, it was quite familiar.
My wife preferred to have vegetarian, and I wanted Chicken. We ordered a Kobe Veg Special Sizzler with Fried Rice for my wife and a Sizzling Chicken Sausage for myself. It took them 25-30 minutes to get both the sizzlers and I am not sure if that’s acceptable waiting time for sizzlers. Anyway I was chatting away with my wife sipping Lemon Iced Tea and didn’t mind the wait. The Lemon Iced Tea was too sweet to my liking. As soon as the sizzlers arrived, finished a small photo shoot 😉 and started to eat. As always, my opinion on the food still remains the same, It was yummy ! The saucy chicken sausages along with the veggies were wonderful with a lovely flavour. My wife was also of a similar opinion on her veg sizzler. I tasted a bit of cottage cheese tikki and a veg cutlet from my wife’s veg sizzler and both were very tasty. So no complaints with their food and I still feel they are way better than Yoko Sizzlers. We planned to order one dessert and share it among ourselves. I ordered the Caramel Custard and it came sooner than expected. I should say the way it was presented was a put off. It was barely in shape, bits of it floating in the caramel sauce and the taste was just ok. I wasn’t too pleased, but my wife thought it was fine. So we had contradicting opinions on this one. I definitely wouldn’t order it again 🙂
The bill came to 1.3K for two of us for the two sizzlers, a Lemon Iced Tea and a Caramel Custard. It was okay, and a service charge of 10% was included in the bill and I should say the service was very average and did not justify the amount in the bill.
If you plan to go there, their sizzlers are awesome, and beyond that, do not expect a fabulous service. They seem under-staffed and I saw one person taking orders from all the tables. So obviously it takes time for him to appear if you need to order something. After receiving the menu to order desserts, the waiter turned up after ten minutes while we had instantaneously decided what we were going to have. No welcome and no goodbye, whatever happened to the etiquette! If the restaurant was packed I can understand, but when it is half-empty, I don’t see why they shouldn’t wish their guests.

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