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It was Valentine’s Day and we decided to go to Phoenix Market City as we stay very close by.  The plan was to have dinner in one of the restaurants there.  Nando’s, Mainland China, Hard Rock Cafe, California Pizza Kitchen, we have been to all of these.  We have not visited Spaghetti Kitchen and Kobe yet, so that was in the back of the mind too.
As we walked towards Kobe, we could already get the aroma of sizzlers.  It was inviting and we were quite hungry.  We saw that they had a special offer of buy one, get one free on sizzlers on account of Valentine’s Day.  More than ‘wow’, I was like ‘Okay, we are not getting a place here !’  Anyway, wanted to give a try and to our luck, it was available.  We were only four, but were seated in a six seater.  We soon understood we didn’t have to feel guilty because in the next six-seater table, there was only a couple 😛
There was a decent crowd already, families with kids, couples, group of friends, and the place was full as we settled down.  Placed the order in about five minutes.  Now I have to mention that the person who took the order was not very pleasant, to say the least.  There were at least three different hierarchies I could see – waiters wearing blue shirt, a guy wearing white shirt and trousers with a tie, and another person with a black suit.  I am talking of the one in between.  As we entered, he was standing closest to us, no smile, no welcome, and just took us to a table with a straight face.  Orders placed, again absolutely no pleasant talk.  Just took the order like a robot, no suggestions, no questions.  Water bottle placed on the table and not even an offer to serve it in the glasses.  I could understand that when you put up an offer like that, you are stressed out, but where is the basic courtesy?  They were probably under staffed to handle a packed house.  I could see waiters really running around with hot sizzlers, but in spite of that we got our sizzlers after 35-40 minutes.  There is absolutely no exaggeration here, kids started to feel so hungry and I cursed myself for choosing to come here when an offer like this was going on.
As we started to eat, the sizzlers were very yummy.  We found it much better than what we had in Yoko last time.  It was really good and we were so hungry that we hardly spoke to each other when the food arrived.  We had a Prawn Sashlik, Vegetable Sashlik, Veg Exotica and a Hokkaido Chicken.  We ordered four and paid for two and it was a clear savings of at least a thousand bucks!  Cool !!!
All the while this guy we spoke about, was running around handling waiting customers, allocating seats and I could see he was pretty stressed out.  So I chose to give him the benefit of doubt today.  Probably on a normal day, with less crowd, he would be better, hopefully.  😉

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