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It was Pongal festival and my very close friend visited us with his family and we decided to go out for dinner.  Being a festival day, family was particular about vegetarian food.  It was quite sometime since we visited this restaurant.  So we decided to go to Rajdhani restaurant in Phoenix Market City in Velachery as it was very close to where we stay.  During our previous visits, I somehow missed clicking pictures of food, and that was successfully accomplished today 🙂

We have been here a few times, so there was no element of surprise.  We pretty much knew what would come and when !  We were four adults and four children.  We managed to get a table in less than five minutes.  A waiter brought the ‘wash basin’, a jug of water and a basin to wash your hands right at the table.  They started to serve the dishes one by one.  The Thali was already set in place with about 10 or more cups, and a couple of bowls and it was a matter of filling them up one after another. 🙂  I was patiently waiting for the items to come, meanwhile, clicking photos as they came.  I did not start eating like the rest of them because I wanted to click a snap of a ‘completely loaded’ Thali. 🙂

Started with a small bowl of soup.  That was ok and rest of the dishes followed.  Dal-bati-churma-ghee was awesome with a nice flavor, aloo bajji with the chutney was good.  Dhokla was ok,  Phulka bathed in ghee and the smaller roti with butter was very good.  All the dishes – paneer, potato, mixed vegetable, etc were all awesome.  The cups on the other side were filled with different kadhis and each one tasted distinctly different and good.  There was a halwa made of lauki, gulab jamun, and they both tasted yummy.  Malpua with ghee and rabdi was out of the world.  Already began to feel guilty of having eaten too much.  Then came khichdi, which was good.  The ‘other’ rice, probably pulao was the only dish which was average.  Curd rice was tasty.  Of course seeing all the varieties, we could only eat a bit of everything and that still leaves you ‘heavy’.  We thought it was over, but it was not meant to be :O !  Then came pineapple kesari and Saemiya kheer.  A bit of both and THAT WAS IT !  🙂 Managed to barely drink half a glass of butter-milk, some water,  pay the bill and walk out.

A few things that I could see this time was the waiters were a little restrictive in serving the dishes compared to my last visit, both in terms of the number of servings and the quantity.  In a way, it was good because at the end of the meal, I was happy that I did not waste much.  Probably because of the anti-wastage policy a lot of restaurants implement.  It was a good step in the right direction.

Good food, decent ambience, friendly and quick service is how I would sum-up today’s dinner.  A good outing with a friend’s family and we had a good time.

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