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Noodle Bar

Wonderful dining experience !
We had a guest at home and we decided to eat out again.As always, the plan was to do some shopping and then have dinner. So Phoenix Market City it was ! Slowly covering all restaurants one by one. Our last visit was to Spaghetti Kitchen a couple of days ago. This time, we decided to eat at Noodle Bar, located right next to Spaghetti Kitchen. What I also came to know today was that Spaghetti Kitchen, Noodle Bar, and Copper Chimney belonged to the same group Blue Foods.
The place was very nice and ambience was almost similar to Spaghetti Kitchen. Well-Lit, nice interiors and inviting.
We settled down and started with Veg momos and a pan-fried chicken dimsum. Technically I do not know the difference between momos, dumplings, and dimsums, but for convenience, I’m assuming they are all one and the same. Both teh items were good. The accompaniments to the momos tasted good too. Ordered Asian Barbeque Cottage Cheese, as we had a vegetarian diner amongst us, and a Java Chicken Lollipop for starters. All the items were tasty, but I have to mention that it was a LITTLE salty. This is very negligible, and only makes the food a little more tasty. If someone is very careful about the salt content in their meal, they wouldn’t be too comfortable with this. Hence mentioning about it here.
For main course, we ordered Thai Chilli Basil Rice and Burnt Chilli Noodles. We liked both of them, but the rice was better though. We ordered Thai red curry to go with rice and noodles and this was good too. I felt the flavor of lemongrass was a little overpowering, but good.
Quite full, we decided to share desserts and ordered Lemon Crème brûlée and a toffee Banana. They were very good. The toffee banana was different and good. The Kids got a scoop of chocolate ice cream as a compliment. We were served green tea along with the meal and that was refreshing.
Again, service seems to be their forte ! Everyone made us feel so special during the entire time we were there.
Overall, the experience was truly wonderful and the person who waited our table made our evening extra pleasant. I found this place relatively cheaper compared to Spaghetti kitchen. This dinner set us (3 adults and 2 kids aged 8 and 3) back by about INR 2.7K and I would love to come back again.

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