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New Town Coffee House

New Town Coffee House was on our to-do list for quite sometime now, and at last managed to visit the place for dinner. It was a very pleasant experience overall, with good food and even better service.
Located bang on the TTK road next to the Levis showroom. They have valet parking and it is convenient. I’ve seen a lot of photos of New Town Coffee House, so in a way, I knew what to expect. The ambience was classy, interiors well done. As we entered around 08:15PM, a couple of other tables were occupied and we got a seat immediately. A couple of tables are very brightly lit and rest of them moderate. We chose the brightly-lit table because I had to click pictures of the food.
We started with a salad and a couple of starters. Café town de Paris, a classic salad was very tasty. Mushroom Babycorn salt and pepper was a tad salty, but good. Malay Chicken Satay was brilliant. The peanut sauce along with it was yummy !
For the main course, we ordered Tom Yum Mee with Chicken. This was good, but there were mixed opinions. It was typical thai flavor with coconut milk and lemongrass, but the noodles in it was very thin. We felt the picture in the menu was a bit different. You should see the menu, it has some amazing food pictures that are really inviting ! Cannelloni Parmegiano was good. Technically, I do not know the difference between this dish and lasagna. It was almost the same with sheets and cheesy flavor. Probably there was less cheese than a normal lasagna. We ordered Bangers and Mash. This literally took me back to my Norwegian days, which reminded me of a very common dish ‘kylling pølse med Potetmos og brunsaus’. I loved it, and the kids too.
Quite full already, we decided to order just a couple of desserts and finish. Having heard of New Town specialities quite often, ordered the ‘famous’ Roti Bom and Vattilappam. Roti bom was good, but nothing special. My three-year old daughter refused to believe it was a dessert 😛 She thought we added something sweet to chappathi to make her eat that 😉 Vattilappam was very good, very familiar tastes of coconut, caramel, and it was wonderful ! I had a black coffee and that was a little strong to my liking, but nice.
Special mention to Mr. Lokesh, who waited on our table. Absolutely pleasant service with a smile.
There’s this cute pager attached to each table and you can call someone for service or request for the check on press of a button. Most of the time, there was someone whom I could call by mere eye contact, so I didn’t have to use it. However, too curious, I pressed that for the bill and sure it worked ! 😀
If I had to say something that I would have liked different, here it is – I would have liked the table a little bigger. You know what I mean? For four adults, might not be a problem when plates are cleared regularly, but with kids who take longer to complete, when new things arrive, we felt a bit short of space on the table.
This dinner set us back by about 2.5K for two adults and two children, aged 8 and 3.
Overall, it was a very memorable dining experience and we would definitely return again !

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