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Spaghetti Kitchen

An absolutely wonderful experience at Spaghetti Kitchen, Phoenix Market City, Velachery.
After a gap of 3-4 weeks, we decided to eat out today. Since we stay in Velachery, our first destination in mind was Phoenix Market City, and there are only a few restaurants which we have not visited here. Spaghetti Kitchen was one of them and it was in our list for quite sometime now. Called up around 7:00PM and reserved a table for four of us for dinner at 7:30PM.   We arrived more or less around the time mentioned.
We were received with a pleasant smile and immediately were seated. Only about 3-4 tables were occupied at that time.  The restaurant had a nice ambience, and the tables were well-set and neat.
We had a look at the menu and I should say, our prior experience of dining at various Italian restaurants in Chennai helped. 🙂 The menu was not totally Greek and Latin, was just Italian ;). We were quite hungry and so decided to skip the soup. We already had in mind a couple of starters and the main courses we were going to order. My wife preferred vegetarian today and we decided to order accordingly.
We ordered ‘Crunchy Ciabatta Bruschettas’, which was a selection of 6, each one distinctly different in taste and aroma. It was wonderful ! We also ordered ‘Creamy cheesy garlic mushrooms’. This was the one that came first, and the cheesy mushrooms with a touch of garlic along with the puff pastry was truly yummylicious ! The plates were clean within less than five minutes.
Our main course arrived. Keeping in mind the balance between veg and non-veg dishes, we ordered a ‘Veg Lasagna’ and ‘The All vegetables pizza’ so that my wife could eat from that and a ‘Chicken pesto spaghetti’ for us. The spaghetti was wonderful in white sauce, and the chicken pieces were soft and tasty. Veg Lasagna was wonderful with a nice flavor, however the pizza was not quite the way we wanted. It was a thin crust, but too crispy. At least 2 inches of it was breaking, and not bending. 🙂 We would have liked the crust a little less crisp, but it was good taste-wise and nothing to complain about.
Too full for a dessert each, just to taste, we ordered one pannacotta. It was with strawberry compote. Unlike other Italian restaurants, it was served in a glass, and not a plate. It was good. I had a black coffee, surprisingly lighter than the ones you get in flights :), but manageable.
Have to mention about the service.  We were pampered to say the least! Right from the time we entered till we left, absolutely pleasant service.   In spite of the 10% service charge on the bill, I felt I had to tip.  Normally when the bill includes service charge, I do not tip unless the service is extraordinary.
This dinner set us back by about 3K for 2 Adults and 2 children, aged 8 and 3.  A little on the expensive side, but completely worth it.  Next time, I would visit this restaurant for some special occasion and not a casual meal, just like that.
Overall, this dinner was very enjoyable, also because we were eating out as a family after 3-4 weeks after a strict diet plan at home 🙂
Next outing will take some time I think.
Until then, cya 😉

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