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Cha Republic

Have been hearing about Bubble Tea for quite sometime now.  Friends in Singapore say it is very common there.  Similarly it is famous in Malaysia too.  I wanted to see what exactly was this ‘bubble’ in a tea 🙂

Walked into Cha Republic in Phoenix Market City and I was told that this is the only place in Chennai which sells bubble Tea.  There was a wide range of choices to choose from.  Since I really had no clue, I asked for a normal ‘classic’ bubble Tea.  The lady at the counter suggested Pearl Milk Tea.  We ordered some other eats too.  There are some short eats too like Puffs, Rolls etc both with Veg and Chicken stuffing.

I asked the person what this bubble was to which she replied it was tapioca jelly.  So I think this is a variant of Sago/Sabudana(Hindi)/ Javvarisi(Tamil)/Sabbubiyyam(Telugu).  In fact, it tasted just like that, but a little bigger in size.  It looks cool in a glass of tea 🙂  At the same time, it is nice, something to chew in the middle of drinking tea.  🙂

I liked it and it is just worth a try for its uniqueness, even if not anything extraordinary !

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