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Pizza Republic

I have been looking at this place since the day it opened. Somehow, did not get a chance to eat here, and finally managed to drop in, for a takeaway.

Velachery and Madipakkam are two important places to me. One, where I live and the other, where I grew up. I travel between Velachery and Madipakkam almost daily, to play badminton, to meet my parents, friends, etc. So I have been seeing this place since the day they first put up their board. This place is quite nicely located, you do not have to go under the flyover towards the MRTS station so it becomes difficult to get back and proceed over the flyover. Instead, it is right at the foot of the flyover where you can park, and proceed straight. To get a clearer picture of the location, it is in the same building as another restaurant Wonton is located and that name board is visible from far away.
The place was tastefully designed. Decent ambience, well-lit and comfortable seating. I placed an order for a Chica Chik and a portion of garlic bread sticks. I met Mr. Venky who owns this franchise and had a pleasant, but brief conversation with him about the place in general, the response from public, the business and so on. He was pretty satisfied and looked very optimistic. Since I *was also a part of another food group and knew some common people, I could easily introduce myself to him. I also showed him my blog on my mobile and we had a chat on that too.
Meanwhile my order came in about 10-15 minutes and I clicked a picture of it before they packed it :). I left after saying Goodbye.
Reached my friend’s place in less than 10 minutes and that’s where we were going to eat this pizza. Still hot, started to eat and it was very tasty. Lots of cheese, chicken pieces were yummy. A small twist was the small green chilly pieces and I loved the taste it added. The garlic bread sticks were decent with a nice flavor of garlic.  Having eaten the stuffed garlic bread from Domino’s recently, I didn’t quite feel this was anything extraordinary.  I have been to Pizza Republic Taramani and Adambakkam branches earlier and I should say, was never disappointed when I had their pizzas hot. The veggies in the pizza are absolutely fresh and you can clearly see the difference compared to other places. At the same time, I should also mention that once I had a very average experience of their home delivery. Probably because the pizzas were not hot, but a very ordinary experience.
The bill was around RS 400 I think, for a Pizza, Garlic Bread and an Iced Tea.
Overall, loved this nice place in Velachery and its pizza ! Being on the same road as other bigger names, hope it gives a tough competition to them and stands out !

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