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Fill Belly

As the announcements on Sun TV go – ‘Indha vaaram…Biriyani vaaram’ !! 🙂 Having Biriyani for the second time in the third day of the week and Sunday is yet to come 😉

Having heard of Fill Belly on facebook and zomato, it was one of those places on my mind, but ordering from here just did not happen all these days. I decided today was the day ! 🙂
Fill Belly operate out of a kiosk in Mogappair and are mainly into delivering wood-fire Chicken and Mutton Biriyanis, a few starters and a few speciality sweets. They deliver individual portions up to a radius of 5KM from Mogappair West. Otherwise, the minimum order would be a 1Kg pack. Since I was not within the 5KM range and a 1Kg pack would be too much for us, I had a chat with the owner of Fill Belly Mr. Murad Shahuna on facebook, and he readily agreed to deliver a smaller quantity. Thrilled, I placed an order for two portions of chicken biriyani, a portion of pepper chicken, and two portions of bread halwa.
As promised, the food arrived on dot and we were good to go ! As we quickly had a look inside the cover, the first thing I noticed was there were two individual portions of biriyani in alluminium foil packs and the bread halwa and pepper chicken were in plastic containers. There was a bit of oil spilled inside the pack, and I later realized that it was the ghee oozing out of the bread halwa. It looked like those plastic containers were definitely not good enough to avoid spillage. Nevertheless, got some kitchen tissues to wipe it off and we were good to go. Too tempted looking at the bread halwa, we were in no mood to wait for it until the end of the meal. We started with that and to say it was awesome would be an understatement. 🙂 Absolutely out of the world ! Looking at the generous amount of ghee certainly scared me a bit, but in a few seconds, the ghee oozed out of the halwa and collected itself in a corner of the bowl and I wrapped up everything except that ! So did not feel so guilty 😉 Then we started with biriyani and pepper chicken. The quantity of biriyani was decent for a portion, with a chicken piece in it. As I said earlier, I am not very fond of the chicken in the biriyani, so just had a little of it. The biriyani had a nice flavor and was very tasty. I couldn’t make out the subtle difference between wood fire biriyani and otherwise, but it certainly tasted good. What is worth mentioning is that the biriyani was not too oily. It was just right. That was one of my complaints with biriyani from Nawaab Sheikh. One stupid mistake from my end 🙂 – I misplaced the accompaniments to the biriyani while getting on with the ‘biriyani photo shoot’ 😛 and couldn’t spot it until I finished the biriyani.  All the while I ate, I was thinking how could they miss it during packing.  After the meal, spotted it promptly on the table  🙂  It was a small cover with raita and brinjal gravy.  Pepper Chicken was a semi-gravy and it had a strong flavor of pepper. A couple of times, I wondered if the flavor was too overpowering and dominating, but as I ate it, it only felt better. So I liked this too. Overall, loved the food.
The bill came to Rs 410 totally – Rs 100 for a portion of biriyani, Rs 110 for a portion of Pepper Chicken, and Rs 50 for a portion of Bread Halwa !  True VFM in my opinion !
Spillage in the packing was the only issue that has to be looked into. I would certainly order here again and recommend it to friends.

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