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Pind, Velachery

A lunch outing with dad, and it had to be a vegetarian place. Since we had some plans after lunch, we wanted to eat somewhere in Velachery! We prefer North-Indian to South-Indian anyday, hence Sangeetha, Andhikkadai and the likes were struck off the list. We were left with Haven Sampoorna and Pind, somehow I am a little partial to Pind, just for that paneer! We stepped into Pind around 01:30PM.

Quickly glanced at the menu and settled for two Punjabi Thalis. That seemed to have all that we wanted to eat – Two subzis, Dal, Buttermilk/Raita, Salad, Steamed Rice/Pulao, 1 Roti/Naan. From the description, I thought it was either Roti or Naan, but it was actually both. Between the two gravies, I liked the paneer better than the Veg gravy (Veg Kolhapuri I think). Dal was tasty, and Raita and Salad were good too. Pulao was good, I couldn’t finish it since I was too full. Dad had Kulcha instead of Naan and Steamed Rice instead of pulao. On asking we got a cup of fresh curds too.
Our plan was to taste paneer at Pind. Since we wanted some variety in it, ordered Tiranga Paneer Tikka. That had 2 pieces each of Achari, Malai and Hariyali Paneer Tikka. If they had named it Tiranga, they might as well serve it like that. Its not a complaint, but they should have had the Malai Paneer Tikka in the centre. The paneer was absolutely melt-in-the-mouth. Three flavors distinctly different from each other, loved it! Pleased to see that their paneer is still sheer awesomeness.
Finally decided to end the lunch with a dessert – Paan Ice cream. I have had this quite a few times and loved it, today was no different! We asked it to be served one by two and they obliged.
I certainly would like to mention one thing which I was disappointed with! What’s a Punjabi restaurant without Papad, Mint Chutney and Cut Onions sprinkled with Chaat masala and lemon wedges on the table! They used to serve it earlier I think, but not anymore! I love nibbling on the papad with onions and chutney, missed that badly! I wish they start serving that!
Another thing I felt was the lack of an Executive meal, slighty lesser in size and price. That would certainly attract more people I feel. This Thali was heavy by any standards and priced at 230 bucks, I was thinking an Executive meal around 150 bucks would have been a great addition to their menu.
Service was absolutely pleasant, polite and courteous. Most of the waiters were girls from the North-East, they served us with a smile all through and that made our dining experience very pleasant! Paid close to 1K for a wonderful meal, absolutely worth it!

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