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Nasi Kandar Pelita, T. Nagar

Nasi Kandar Pelita, it used to be our regular lunch place during 2004-2005. Its been a while since I’ve been here !  The last time I was here was after watching the movie Kabali, and I wrote about it here.

One of my friends was hosting a dinner for six of us, decided to try Pelita! It was around 9PM in the night and the place was quite busy! Looked like a lot of Malaysian Tamil folks, either settled here or perhaps tourists to Chennai. The story about how the name Nasi Kandar was coined can be found here.
We settled down in the first floor and after a quick look at the menu, started to order.
Our orders –
Soup and Starters – Chicken Soup, Paya Soup, Satay Chicken, Udang Gor(Prawns), Chicken Fry
Main Course – Chicken Murtabak, Mutton Murtabak, 6 Roti/Canai, Malaysian Chicken Curry, 2 Nasi Goreng Ayam
Desserts – 1 Falooda, 2 Mini Faloodas, 1 Lime juice Mint, 1 Ais Bandung Spl. and 1 Ais Bandung.
I liked the chicken soup and my friends like the paya soup, nice flavor, balanced spiciness, tasted good. Chicken Satay was quite how I expected, but the peanut sauce for the Satay was too sweet. We managed with that. Friends liked Udang Gor (Prawns), Chicken Fry was pretty good. So the soup and starters made quite a good impression to start with.
Main Course arrived quite soon, and we started off by sharing the Chicken and Mutton Murtabak. It is basically stuffed Parotta, served with picked onions. The Parotta was wonderful, but the pickled onions certainly had a bad one in them, spoiled the whole taste. Roti Canai was wonderful. The parottas here are absolutely awesome, soft and flaky and slightly crispy too. The gravy that came along with it tasted good. We asked for a Chicken gravy too and that was tasty. Nasi Goreng Ayam was okayish. It was a very basic version of other artistically plated ones I’ve had. It neither had the prawn crackers, not the fried egg nor the Satay as accompaniments. It tasted decent though!
Coming to the desserts, the drinks were pretty average, Ais Bandung was a bit too watery with not enough flavor. There was a special version of that, which included Badam Pissin and some syrup which didn’t do anything to enhance its taste. Faloodas, both the regular one and the mini ones were good. Not sure how, but I missed clicking their pics. Lime Mint Juice was quite good according to my friend.
Service was okay throughout. Once or twice we had to keep asking for water. No complaints though!
My friend hosted the dinner and paid 3100 in all.
I wouldn’t say I’m waiting to go back again, but just in case I have to, I wouldn’t mind. It was that kind of an experience!

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