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Nasi Kandar Pelita

Nasi Kandar Pelita, this used to be one of the very regular places for lunch almost 10 years back when I was working in an IT company in T Nagar. A gang of friends used to eat here, at least once or twice a week, for many many months. It used to be one of the most happening eating joints during those times.

Somehow I have never visited this place after that. Now and then I keep going to T Nagar, somehow never felt the push to go here. After watching the movie Kabali,  🙂  I’ve been thinking I should visit this place again! Myself and a friend had to go to T Nagar and I immediately decided to have lunch here.
Have tasted quite a few of their dishes during those days in our umpteen visits, since we were just two people today, ordered a Chicken Satay, Roti canai with Mutton Curry combo, Chicken Murtabak and an Ice Lemon Tea.
Chicken Satay was awesome, it brought back memories, loved the peanut chutney served along with it. The raw onions and cucumber tasted awesome with that chutney.
A small mix-up, the waiter brought Roti Canai with Chicken Curry instead of the Mutton Curry. Remembered the dialogue from the movie Kabali 😛  Almost used it – Ada lah…Kozhi Kariiii 😉 LOL
Parotta and Mutton Gravy was good it seems, my friend ordered it and I tasted a bit of just the gravy. He liked the Mutton pieces in the gravy too. Chicken Murtabak was good, not extraordinary. The colored/pickled onions in the centre was not very interesting and surprisingly they served sambhar with this :/ Had to share the mutton gravy from my friend. Would have liked a chicken gravy at least, without pieces. The Ice Lemon tea was good and unlike other places where flavor of tea is very subtle, here it was a bit strong and I liked it.
Overall, a nice decent place and economical too. This lunch cost us a little less than 500 bucks and was perfectly okay.

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