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Kabab Centre Fast Food

Normally I make note of a place and hit it whenever time permits, but this place somehow aroused too much interest in me that a friend and I decided to visit it right away !

Thanks to the clear directions from another foodie, had absolutely no problems locating the place! We reached the place only to find it busy even at 10 PM in the night. People standing outside having their rolls, some waiting for their takeaway order, looked pretty happening and was bustling with activity!
We took a brief look at the menu and ordered a Beef Seekh Kebab (2 pcs) and a Chicken Katti Roll. I had a weird feeling that the kebabs were a bit more charred than they should be, but then thought it was just me. My friend asked the kebabs to me made a roll and he got a big jumbo roll with a Rumali Roti cover and 2 beef seekh kebabs inside. He pretty much said the same thing, would have liked it a bit less charred, and hence in that process, wasn’t as juicy as he would have liked it. It was tasty, but then not out of the world, was what he said. The Chicken Katti Roll was very tasty, and I loved it ! When we were done with it, asked for a Special Shawarma Roll, cut in two halves. Normal roll has more stuff than just the chicken and special shawarma has only chicken as filling, thats the primary difference. It was quite a small roll, but tasted pretty good. If at all I had to pick at something, the kuboos felt a bit doughy! I would gladly ignore that, it tasted good! Next, asked the guy to recommend some really special chicken kebab. He said something like Chicken Sholay Kebab! This was very ordinary, absolutely not recommended. The green chutney didn’t quite go well with that, and was a disappointment. Just to erase the bad taste in the mouth, ordered a special shawarma roll, by two, again ! This was good and finally ended our dinner here !
Overall, it was good. I’m not sure if it was worthwhile travelling all the way from Velachery as I could have probably done a shawarma roll and a barbeque chicken in either Sea Shell or Zaitoon.  Well, probably for the beef, you may want to venture. The charring could be one off incident today! Since there are so many patrons to this place, they definitely are doing something very right! My visit unfortunately turned out to be just a slightly above average experience and the dinner cost us 440 bucks in all!

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