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Pait Pooja, Thuraipakkam

A late dinner at Pait Pooja in Thuraipakkam – heard many good things about this place on food forums, but I was surprised the food was just above average, definitely not worth raving about !

Myself and my friend were returning home and it was almost 11PM and we were looking for a quick dinner, nothing very elaborate. Immediately spotted this place and it was still open, and we immediately decided to enter!
The place was small and had barely 6 tables. Immediately got a menu and I decided to have Punjabi Limited Thali, while my friend wanted a Mini Thali. I asked him for Lassi, and the waiter recommended some nuts and fruits lassi and said it was the best 🙂
The Limited Thali – 2 Phulkas, a cup of rice, Dal, Paneer Subzi, Baingan ka Bartha and curds.
Mini Thali – 2 Phulkas, Dal, a cup of rice, Bhindi Masala.
Probably these subzis keep rotating, but this is what we ate!
Asked for an extra phulka each and finished with that lassi.
Between the two of us, we shared all the subzis so we could taste everything !
Dal was the best of all dishes, wonderful flavor and it tasted wonderful with Phulka and Basmati Rice. Phulkas were soft, Bhindi Masala was very good, Baingan ka Bhartha is one of the very few Brinjal dishes I eat, and I love it. Here, there was not a slightest aroma of the smoked brinjal, and was very average. Paneer pieces were extremely soft, though the Paneer gravy tasted like the fast food types, not even close to a Punjabi place. The curds was a bit sour, didn’t eat since I already had a lassi to finish. Lassi was good, with nuts and fruits, no complaints as such, wasn’t the best I had.
The bill was 429 bucks, 155 for Limited Thali and 110 for the Mini Thali, rest of the individual prices, I am not sure! 2 extra Phulkas, 1 Fruits and Nuts Lassi, and a water bottle included in that. Though there was nothing very wrong overall, I expected a higher taste quotient from a Punjabi joint !

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