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Ya Mohideen Biryani, Pallavaram

When you tick an item off your bucket list, it is a big relief, as this list only keeps growing and growing each day, thanks to the other foodies in Facebook groups. Finally after umpteen reviews and recommendations, I managed to taste Ya Mohideen’s Biryani in Pallavaram.

It was already past 12PM and a sudden craving for Biryani got me ride my bike all the way to Pallavaram. I am not completely new to this area, so after a minimal enquiry, spotted this place without any difficulty. Needless to say, this is one of a kind of experience in Chennai 🙂 I have seen quite a few crowded Biryani outlets in Royapettah and Triplicane, but nothing like this ! Without exaggeration, the queue was quite big when I reached, and i managed to squeeze myself in around 12:50PM. As time passed, the queue only got longer and longer. It works like this – Buy a token and head to delivery. In between based on supply and demand, the token issuance is managed accordingly! Well, I wouldn’t call myself unlucky, but just when I was reaching the counter, they were out of stock with Chicken Biryani ! As I have said many times, I’m not a big fan of chicken in Biryani, so I got 3 Chicken Kuska and 250g of Chicken Pakoda aka Chicken 65 with bones. I would have liked one chicken biryani, at least to sample the chicken piece for the sake of review, but had to be content with just kuska. Have to mention, didn’t get even one piece of chicken in the kuska. 🙂
Back home, and got ready to eat. Portions were decent, the kuska had a wonderful aroma and nice flavor. Chicken Pakoda was good, just that it had too many pieces with bones. The boneless ones were good, the ones with bones hardly had any meat. So it was just okayish. The raita was all onions with curds for namesake, like most biryani joints give and brinjal gravy was good, but quantity was too little. I saw the guys packing it into covers and it was really too little. They should at least make sure it suffices 1 portion of biryani, else what is the point of an accompaniment?!?!
Overall, VFM – yeah, absolutely ! 80 bucks for a Chicken Kuska is worth it, anyday. 100 bucks for chicken pakoda is okay too. 340 bucks in all, no complaints whatsoever !
Tip: Go as a family, its very easy if you let the lady buy a token, because they have a separate line and the outlet takes significant effort to ensure ladies get the token without any hassle. Once you have the token, you can ask them to wait and stand in the queue for delivery! I managed to get my order in about 40 minutes, and it wasn’t the most comfortable moments standing in the queue, but nevertheless, a very unique experience indeed!

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