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Amdavadi Gujarati Snack House

This has been on my to-do list for quite sometime now and at last, I can tick it off !  Have been hearing about this place quite often in food groups, among foodie friends, and so on.  It was Friday, we had some work in T-Nagar, and so made up a plan to combine dinner at Amdavadi along with it.

I knew exactly where the place was located and so I did not have to search for it.  The restaurant itself was located a little away from the main road, i.e the entrance is on the main road, and there is a long narrow passage through which you have to drive , and most importantly, only one car at a time.  There is a valet parking facility and that is a big relief.  We entered the restaurant and were pleasantly surprised – The restaurant was well-lit and bright unlike many places where you can neither see the food nor your friends clearly ! I was pretty impressed with the ambience.  The walls were done well with paintings and a brick-red finish.  overall, nice and neat.

Now the food :).  I have eaten Gujarati food a few times, but I am no expert in  judging the authenticity of the same.  I love North-Indian food, and being in Chennai, I consider anything to the North of Hyderabad as North-India 😉 . The menu was a laminated sheet, so just 2 sides to it meant limited choices.  We asked the waiter to suggest some starters and he started off with Bhelpuri and Samosa.  That, I thought was quite common and even with a Gujarati twist, wouldn’t be as different as I expected.  So I started to order for all of us – Khaman Dhokla, Sabudana Vada, and palak muthiya for starters.  All the three were tasty and clearly different from the ‘normal’ starters elsewhere.  The accompaniment for all of them was the same green mint chutney and that was a bit boring.  Could have been better with a couple of other chutneys.  We ordered Rajwadi Chas and Khas to drink and they were good too.  I would have liked them cool or at least with ice, but they were served at room temperature.  For the main course we ordered alu puri, masala khichdi with kadi and Methi Thepla with jamfal sakh.  All of them were tasty and yummy.  The guava gravy was a little too sweet for my liking, but the rest of them were very good.  To end the dinner with a sweet, we ordered a plate of jalebi and gajar halwa.  The jalebis were crispy, hot and yummylicious.  The carrot halwa was good, but probably since we ate it after the jalebis, it was more a neutralizer for sweet.  Couldn’t relish it as much.

Overall, the rates were very nominal and food was very tasty.  It was a very memorable dinner and we all loved it.  What was surprising was that it was a Friday evening and the time was around 7:30 PM and I was surprised to see only one other table other than ours occupied.  Guess they have lot of work to do in their Marketing department to showcase their offerings and fill the empty tables.

I would certainly have this restaurant on my list of favorites.

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