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A very different experience this time compared to my last visit. It was not a weekend. We were still 8 people and had a enjoyable time.
As I have said earlier, food was very good. See my clicks to believe it 🙂
Good food, service, and a pleasant dining experience !
Definitely recommend.

Visited August 2013

Older reviews –

We were here for dinner with our neighbours. We were four adults and two children. Overall, it was an average/decent experience.
The ambience was just ok, and nothing very classy. I didnt quite get the idea of the pvc pipes running all over the roof. Was it just because there was no concealed wiring or was it a part of the interior decoration. Thats definitely not very appealing…sorry, thats my taste. The tables were clearly for 4 and not for 6. Even with kids, it wasnt very comfortable, just manageable.
I can understand it was a Saturday night and I had to wait for about 25 minutes to get a table. Even after we managed to settle down, the table wasnt cleaned. It took about 10 minutes for the previous guests’ glasses to be removed. We neither got water, not glasses.
We ordered 2 starters American crispy corn and corn and cheese balls. They were kinda ok. I checked in on Facebook, but we were not offered any free stuff. (we still didnt get water after asking for it).
Main course was a mixed bag.
Peaches Nasi Goreng was very good. Nice flavor and tasty.
Panneer Satay with Thai rice was also good.
Spinach and Corn Lasagna was not even close to what I imagined. tasted decent, appeared very different.
creamy tomato pasta was good.
phuket panneer was listed as a main course and was too little, but good. (in general portions are little).
Panneer Tikka buritos was the best quantity-wise and tasted ok.
Schezwan rice+noodles.+veg…forgot the name..was ok too..
To make it clear, none of the items were even close to being labelled bad.
Service needs a step-up on the whole. It looks like a bit under-staffed to handle a packed restaurant while on normal days, it could have been managed well. So the items didnt come gradually as we ordered. They either took too long, or came in all we were sometimes waiting and sometimes hurrying up..
So my verdict – a decent place to try good vegetarian food. if possible, avoid weekends, avoid big groups.

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